What Our Client Says

“The therapist and nurse were so very patient with my mother. She returned to her daily activities in no time. It was a true blessing to have Superior Home Health provide her care.”

Michelle C, Santa Maria CA- CEO Falcon

“The Wound Care Specialist explained everything in a very comprehensive way. She made it easy for me to understand. Now I am all healed up and back to my life. Thank you so much.”

Nancy P, Solvang CA- CEO Falcon

“My physical therapist from Superior always made me feel like I was number 1! Nobody does it better.”

Rick M, Arroyo Grande CA- CEO Falcon

” A huge ‘thank you’ to all the professionals who came to my home. I am so grateful Superior Home Health is around to help people like me. What a great service you offer.”

John H, Lompoc CA- CEO Falcon